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Cult’s story began in 2009, when it was launched by former national journalists, Charli Morgan and Matt Glass.


They had experienced the often tedious, poorly targeted and lazy process of press release marketing from the other side of the media fence, and decided to use their experience, contacts and creativity to make the PR model they had needed as journalists, finding strong stories and telling them in exciting, engaging and memorable ways to media on tight deadlines.


From creating the world’s first Bunny Spa; taking dinosaurs on a rampage across London and shutting down Regent Street for a fleet of supercars, to sailing a pirate ship up the Thames, they have a nose for a story; know who would like to hear it and the best means of communicating it. With the right story, dinosaurs aren’t always required and it can be as simple and powerful as a great interview with the right person.


They represent a diverse and exciting roster of clients, which complement and strengthen each other’s campaigns, because Cult is dealing with a wide variety of contacts and mutually beneficial opportunities. This also means they approach each client in a more creative and open-minded manner.


The Cult team has been filling their boots with awards for storytelling over the past decade. And since launching, there are even more ways to tell your story, and Cult takes advantage of every tool, whether it's a magazine, event, film, stunt, shoot or social campaign. So for their tenth year, they rebranded from The Cult PR to Cult Media Collective, to contain this exciting umbrella.


Like all good stories, once we’ve started telling yours, everybody else will continue sharing it for us.


We’re all stories.


Let us tell yours.

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