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A world first with an important message


About 7th Heaven

7th Heaven is a skincare company led by its morals. Proudly standing against the use of animal testing in any of its products, the brand regularly speaks out against its own industry and the unnecessary use of harmful ingredients in creams, facemasks and haircare products. 

Affordable but effective, 7th Heaven doesn't do anything the way the industry dictates. Its loud packaging makes it a popular point of sale purchase and it has built a loyal and vocal fanbase for its great value products. 

Our work

We like a client who knows exactly what they want to say - and 7th Heaven were certainly that client! 

Our brief was to develop four eye-catching, memorable events to be attended by customers and VIPs, that would tell the story of the brand - namely, its tough stance on animal testing. 

As seems to be the way with us (will we ever learn?), we pitched the most ambitious and difficult event first and thanks to the constant, wonderful support of a few of 7th Heaven's directors, we managed to ride some incredibly challenging hurdles to deliver our most effective and rewarding campaign to date. 

Using the bunny rabbit as the unfortunate 'face' of animal testing (more than 160,000 are used in US labs alone every year), we came up with the idea of the world's first Bunny Spa - a place where bunny rabbits roam free in luxury, while we 'test' on human beings by offering free treatments using 7th Heaven products. 

We found a pop-up shop in the heart of Covent Garden, oversaw the design of the venue, found 'movie rabbits' that had been extensively trained and socialised to be comfortable around groups of people, liaised with the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund and RSPCA (both of whom attended on the day to assist with the animals and to discuss animal welfare with visitors) and created a safe haven for the bunnies. 

On the morning of our first day, we walked from Covent Garden tube station to see a queue snaking around three streets, packed with animal lovers who wanted to be a part of this incredible event. Its popularity didn't decline all weekend, and we had to turn walk-ups away at the door due to the incredible numbers attending. 

Guests enjoyed free treatments, were able to sit with the rabbits and enjoy watching them play, and find out vital information not just about the beauty industry's animal testing procedures but also how to look after pet rabbits and to discuss other pet issues with the RSPCA staff present. 

Check out 7th Heaven here

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