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Take control
of your own PR

Relying on word-of-mouth?
customers walk through the door?
That's not a viable business model.


If your business wants to increase its profits, have you considered turning off the lights, taking down the signs and closing the door? Of course not.


That’s like ignoring PR and marketing. You want to increase your bottom line, but you're not telling people you exist.


If that's you, you're not alone. 

PR agencies cost thousands per month. A PR consultant could cost £500 per hour. And you often need to sign up to lengthy contracts. This can be inaccessible for smaller businesses.

We hear you. 

Every month, we speak to companies and individuals who are desperate to promote their businesses, but can't afford an agency to run their campaigns. 

That’s why we launched the Academy, where you can learn simple and effective tools to handle your own PR, or empower somebody in your workplace to do it for you. ​

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Award-winning PRs, editors and national
journalists teaching essential skills

Having spent two decades working in the media industry as national journalists and award-winning PRs, we've developed a course of workshops and quick-fixes to help you take control of your PR campaigns and set your brand on the path to success. 

We'll teach you the essential skills, from developing and sharing your brand's most engaging stories, to identifying your target audience, planning an effective PR strategy and the delicate art of pitching to journalists and broadcasters.

And we'll be calling on friends in the industry, such as magazine editors, current national journalists and influencer managers to share their knowledge and answer your questions.

These workshops are for you, whoever you are

Our workshops are hands-on and offer real-time feedback during our Zoom or in-person lessons, so you leave with invaluable understanding of how to secure coverage, or the foundations of an effective press release or PR strategy.

That means it's a course for you, whether you're looking to take on your own PR, training up one of your staff, or honing the skills of your in-house marketing team. 

What to expect 

Your workshop will be led by PR directors and former, national journalists who have been on both sides of the media fence and have the experience, contacts, insider knowledge and tools to teach you how to identify and share your story in the most engaging ways. 

Real-world experience


We empower you with the tools to lead your own campaigns, with break-out sessions to create your own press assets and real-time feedback.

Essential PR hacks

PR hacks

We will share the quick fixes we have learnt during two decades in the industry; tips, tricks, the common pitfalls to avoid and the delicate art of successfully promoting your story to the right audience.

Post-workshop support

We offer feedback and advice on your press assets and campaigns after our sessions, so you'll have expert support when you're putting our workshops into practice. 



  • A one-on-one workshop to oversee, plan and help execute your brand's P...

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    4 hr

    1,500 British pounds
  • Building the foundations for a successful marketing campaign

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    250 British pounds

examples of our workshops

Press Release 101

Press releases are a crucial part of a PR strategy. We will teach you how to share your story with an engaging release that captures the attention of journalists and editors to target your customers.

Private Consultation

If you'd prefer to keep things personal, let's go 1-1 and deep dive into your PR strategy, either via Zoom or in-person at your office.

Social Media Booster

How to audit, redesign and plan your social media channels to ensure they're helping your business maximise its goals.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Going BIG with your PR. Sometimes brand-building means not following the herd. Here we teach you how to stand out from the crowd, while mitigating any risks.

Build a Perfect PR Strategy

Brainstorming ideas with your team is a brilliant exercise, but the key to great PR is being able to build your ideas into a workable, results-driven strategy.

Pitch Perfect

Talking to journalists can seem daunting, but not if you know the secrets to the perfect pitch. Our current and former national journalists, editors and PR directors can guide you through successfully amplifying your story.

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You're ready to start taking control of your PR. We'll be in touch very soon

What happens next?

Rest assured, we won't be pestering you with endless emails, selling your details to an unscrupulous company or sharing them with anybody outside our office. 


What we will do, is keep you updated on all forthcoming classes and workshops. If you see one you like, just click through to the registration page on the email and bag yourself a spot. 


It's that easy! 

We'll always offer our classes to our mailing list before uploading them to this website, so if you want to beat the rush and guarantee a spot, this is the best way to do it. 

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